The Worlds Best Top 5 Street Carnivals

Want to enjoy some of the world's best street carnivals and be a part of the great celebrations then visit these places to witness it and make your holidays the most memorable. Do remember to book accommodations and cheap car hire in advance as there is a great rush during these festival celebration months.

Rio Carnival
Rio Carnival takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The carnival is held from March 5 to March 8 every year. The main attraction of this carnival is Samba parade. It is the climax of this defiant display of Brazilian Bacchanal. Numerous balls are organized throughout the city such as the huge Gala Guy Ball which is a flamboyant affair open to all. Street parties can be found wherever there is music or band. You can join this street party at the stadium Sambadrome which is one kilometer long. Here, the dancers swag their stuff to the beats of hundreds of drummers.

Nice Carnival
Nice Carnival is held in Nice, France. This carnival is held between February 18 and March 8 every year. Giant paper masks head is the center point of this carnival. Usually these papier mache heads are caricatures of politicians and celebrities. Huge and colourful parades are animated by more than 1000 musicians and dancers daily. In a unique setting, the Promenade des Anglais, elegant flower parade is the main attraction of this carnival. You can enjoy the most beautiful floral arrangements which are not to miss. This year's theme is The King of Mediterranean. You can join this street festival just by catching a bouquet. Cut flowers are tossed from passing floats. These floats are magnificent and it is a great experience to be part of these floats.

Oruro Carnival
Oruro Carnival takes place in Oruro, Bolivia. The carnival can be witnessed between March 4 and March 8 every year. Oruro is a high-altitude mining town. It lies between La Paz and Bolivian Salt flats. The main attraction is La Diablada – a Dance of the Devils – played out in elaborate costumes. The parade pays homage to mother earth Pachamama and patron saints of miners. 20, 000 dancers and 10,000 musicians take part in this parade dressed up as devils, Andean spirit animals, Inca characters and conquistadores. Dances depict battles between good and evil. Take part in this carnival just by throwing water bombs. If you are excellent in targeting then for sure you can become part of this parade.


St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Festival is held in Dublin, Ireland. The spectacular festival parade will begin on Thursday March 17 and will continue until Sunday March 20 this year. Watch the festival parade wearing leprechaun hats which the crowds usually do. The parade proceedings include street theatre, pageantry and international marching bands. Plenty of green beer on tap is poured out and lots of green colour is seen everywhere from costumes to hair. Be a part of St. Patrick's festival parade just by trying your hand at some traditional Irish dancing in a large outdoor ceilidth.

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras float parade takes place in New Orleans, USA. Madri Gras 2011 starts on February 25 and falls on Tuesday March 8. Attend Madri Gras in the city of Jazz and enjoy party of the world's best festival soundtracks. Madri Gras is music, parade, floats, beads and lots of excitement. People wear colours of purple, green and gold; adorned with beads caught from the beautiful floats. You can join this parade by taking part in one of the live-music clubs such as Tipitina's.

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